Excursions 13: The Director's Cut
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We're all familiar with extremely disturbing fanfic by now. But steamy Hermione/Snape fantasies are tame compared to the depths of madness that are explored in the latest installment of Excursions into Madness, in which our anonymous author reimagines his favorite movie characters through the lens of absolute psychosis. Part I: Star Wars, E.T., Interview with the Vampire. Part II: The Fellowship of the Ring, Back to the Future. From the same twisted mind that produced The Obama Proxy.
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The most disturbing fanfic I ever read was based on Full House. No, nothing sexual happened. It was just a wholesome, feel good episode of Full House that someone had taken the time to imagine and write.

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oh god, I had forgotten about The Obama Proxy. I should've read this after breakfast.
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I'd never thought someone could come up with a story with a moral "too much playing with your gonads along the timestream causes black holes". Disturbing, it is.
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No, sorry, anything leading to a punchline containing both gonads and black holes isn't disturbing, just a cheap joke.
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I'm responding positively to these stories.
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Hermione/Snape isn't distubring. Harry/corpse-of-James-Potter is disturbing.
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From the corner of his frantic eye, Elroy witnessed the Emperor approach his rear, and as he neared he drew up the skirt of his robe.
Oh, dear.
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I would love to see the Obama Proxy in anime form....
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Do they all boil down to Death By Ass-Fucking?

They remind me of the Eye of Argon but with better spelling. Or of that ancient thing about smurf sex.
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There is a slash fic (i.e. gay, pornographic, NSFW)

Just because I'm a fandom pedant: while slash does imply a gay pairing, there's no requirement for porn or NSFWness. There's plenty of G or PG level slash fics out there.
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Ah, no worries. :-)
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Just finished Obama Proxy.. wow, that was depressing.. I was really pulling for Barack and hoping for a happy ending.
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I missed The Obama Proxy the last time it was on Metafilter. My life was so much better then!
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I'm not sure what to say - i'd debated a jokey one-liner, then thought about not saying anything, but I do actually have a serious question about this post.

I read most of "The Obama Proxy", skipping ahead over some of the more lurid bits. and thought that, okay, so the presentation is obviously designed to be over-the-top-disgusting, but there's a couple interesting ideas in there, including the "president controlled by previous president, so it's not BUSH that was the idiot, it's CLINTON!!!".

However, I don't see the value in this writing. And I say that as someone who's generally in favor of the right of artists to be extreme. I think, especially with horror, that less is more. The imagination fills in the details and the reader or viewer terrifies themselves as much as they are terrified by the writing. You know, like H.P. Lovecraft or Alien.

In my opinion, "Excursions into Madness" is part of the trend of recent films like SAW or Hostel or Human Centipede to show you as much disturbing imagery as possible, for no other reason than to disturb. Additionally, "Excursions" isn't even well-written, which puts it even lower than my previous least-favorite in this category, American Psycho (I thought the movie was a brilliant dark comedy).

However, I'd like to hear viewpoints from others who feel differently. Convince me that "Excursions into Madness" is just as valid as, say, Slayer's Reign in Blood!
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