That WAS My Bush
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That WAS My Bush no surprise, really....Comedy Central cancels "That's My Bush".
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Aw, the show wasn't that bad. It was better in theory than in practice, but I've seen a lot worse.
posted by ColdChef at 8:27 AM on August 3, 2001

Up next: The hideous and loathsome Prime Time Glick and the repulsive and completely unhumourous Strip Mall. Or at least we can hold out hope. (Btw, sucks. Orange never looked so bad.)
posted by Dreama at 8:35 AM on August 3, 2001

That's My Bush was one of the dumbest, most insulting "comedies" ever put on the air. Sad, really, when the subject matter gave it so much potential.
posted by mrbula at 8:41 AM on August 3, 2001

UCB was the best show ever.
posted by jeb at 8:42 AM on August 3, 2001

I never thought he was funny until Prime Time Glick and found myself laughing like crazy at it. To each his own...
posted by revbrian at 8:42 AM on August 3, 2001

That's My Bush was one of the dumbest, most insulting "comedies" ever put on the air.

Almost like the man himself.
posted by dogmatic at 8:44 AM on August 3, 2001

I never quite understood the appeal of "That's My Bush"... but I really wish they wouldn't have cancelled "Strangers With Candy"... that was a gem.
posted by GirlFriday at 9:09 AM on August 3, 2001

The lead on "Strangers" kinda spooked me. "That's my Bush" wasn't so bad...the one I saw last night was quite funny (Episode about drilling in Alaska).
posted by msacheson at 9:13 AM on August 3, 2001

Obviously "That's My Bush" wasn't the greatest sitcom ever produced. I found it theoretically hilarious more than anything else. Simply the fact that there was a show which ridiculed our president to such a degree was enough for me. And did you see the episode where Bush takes ecstacy? That was some social satire at it's finest...
posted by gnutron at 9:20 AM on August 3, 2001

I swore up and down that Parker and Stone could never take an intermittently amusing half-an-hour show and make a good 90 flick out of it, but then I really enjoyed the South Park movie. So if they actually make this "That's My Bush" movie I'd probably go see it, even though I've never seen the show.
posted by Shadowkeeper at 9:20 AM on August 3, 2001

I thought that "That's My Bush" was funny, but the problem was that I never wanted to watch it. I could never figure it out, because when I did watch it I laughed, but I would neer intentionally watch it. I don't know why.

"Upright Citizen's Brigade", on the other hand, was hilarious. Last night Jeanine Garafalo was on The Daily Show bitching about it being cancelled to make room for Battlebots. But I think that there is room for all of the in Comedy Central's lame schedule. I mean, how many SNL reruns do we need in one day?
posted by donkeymon at 9:21 AM on August 3, 2001

I think it's not so much a question of room in the schedule as room in the budget. They can only afford to produce a certain number of first-run programs.
posted by Steven Den Beste at 9:30 AM on August 3, 2001

Have to jump on the bandwagon here. UCB and Strangers with Candy deserved a long, long life. We can always hold out for DVDs of the entire series.

Do I smell a petition? No, its just my ass-pennies.
posted by BoatMeme at 9:32 AM on August 3, 2001

How long will it be before I can get any UCB, the State, or Simpsons episode from the network on to my Tivo? After that, how long will it be before all the good TV-show file sites are covered with ads for porn, x10, and online gambling? After that, how long will it be before there are articles about the iminent demise of the TV show file (TV3s) trading scene in the major newspapers?

Seriously, how far does the right to timeshift television programs go? If I were to tape a The State episode in 1993 and then lend it to you in 2002 it's not like the networks get ripped off for anything. It would be legal if I used video tape and didn't make a profit right? I feel like the personal use, AHRA, and Betamax legal stuff is more applicable to TV, since you don't have to pay for it on a show-by-show basis.
posted by jeb at 9:44 AM on August 3, 2001

I've never seen ucb. am I a bad person for liking battlebots?
posted by rabi at 9:45 AM on August 3, 2001

I really want to make a link that sez "This is my bush!!" and link it to some porn, but I wont.
posted by sonofsamiam at 9:51 AM on August 3, 2001

The lead on "Strangers" kinda spooked me.

Yeah, but she's David Sedaris' sister!
posted by binkin at 9:54 AM on August 3, 2001

UCB was fabulous, but BattleBots is just a crapload of fun.

And "Primetime Glick," by the way, is one of the most brilliant shows I've seen in years. I thought I hated Martin Short, but now I realize that he's a genius. God almighty.

(No, I'm not kidding.)
posted by tweebiscuit at 10:06 AM on August 3, 2001

That's the show with David Sedaris's sister?! Damn, now I wish I'd seen it. This is the sister who asked for the accident victim makeup, "good luck beating the rape charge", "I'm in love and it feels great", etc.?
posted by jeb at 10:10 AM on August 3, 2001

That's the show with David Sedaris's sister?! Damn, now I wish I'd seen it. This is the sister who asked for the accident victim makeup, "good luck beating the rape charge", "I'm in love and it feels great", etc.?
posted by jeb at 10:12 AM on August 3, 2001

Battlebots is craptacular. And I mean that as a compliment.
posted by Dirjy at 10:16 AM on August 3, 2001

binkin: who is David Sedaris?

donkeymon: I saw last night's Daily Show also. I was a little puzzled by an exchange at the end of the interview when Garofolo was confused about the air date of the show (obviously her interview was taped days earlier). John Stweart made a comment about Garofolo having been required to be aired on a "bigger" (Leno? Letterman?) show promoting her new movie before the "Daily Show". Anyway, I thought that was a little odd.
posted by msacheson at 10:37 AM on August 3, 2001

That's too bad. I agree with the "better in theory" comment, but some of the shows really were, well, good! The one where the Austrians come to steal the SDI System?! Every scene featuring the Austrians was done in German, no English...einfach geil!

I absolutely despise that Glick oh man...get it off!
posted by kphaley454 at 10:43 AM on August 3, 2001

binkin: who is David Sedaris?

NPR commentator, writer of some of the funniest books, well, maybe ever.
posted by glenwood at 10:45 AM on August 3, 2001

Gimme Robotica over Battlebots any day. Less pro-wrestling style goofiness, more varied challenges, fewer thinly disguised RC cars, and more Ahmet Zappa.
But I'd trade all the robot fighting, South Park, Win Ben Stein's Money, *and* the Man Show for more UCB.
posted by darukaru at 11:12 AM on August 3, 2001

Speaking of great shows cancelled by Comedy Central, I can't believe no one has mentioned Mystery Science Theater 3000.
posted by stopgap at 11:13 AM on August 3, 2001

Actually, I'd trade a rotting beaver pelt for the Man Show. Ugh.
stopgap: My cable system picked up Comedy Central pretty much the day after they stopped airing MST3K. I've never quite forgiven 'em. At least Sci-Fi Channel still shows their episodes on the weekends.
posted by darukaru at 11:16 AM on August 3, 2001

All about the lovely and talented Amy Sedaris. And a few images of her out of her wacky overage character.

I think Glick is some of Short's best work in years. He really does seem to be playing Kaufmanesque interview games with his (willing and aware) subjects, and I don't say that lightly. It's hard to break new ground in the talkshow-satire arena, Fernwood 2Nite & Garry Shandling having essentially 0wn3d the genre, but Glick manages to pull off another unique character and subvert the talkshow experience by making it a real unscripted interview with a real person. (Shandling had many celebrity guests playing themselves, but those episodes were pretty much written in advance. And of course most talkshow interviews are cue-card outlined in advance.)

Bush! was dismal because it promised political satire, and delivered only a modest satire of the completely unredeemable TV sitcom. Breaking new ground? They never even bought a shovel. Good riddance.

I'm not sure what it means about our culture that there are now three fighting-robot shows on TV.
posted by dhartung at 11:30 AM on August 3, 2001

Ah, here we are. Amy Sedaris as you've never seen her.
posted by dhartung at 11:44 AM on August 3, 2001

I've been totally hot for Amy Sedaris for years, thanks for the link. *drool*

That's my Bush suffered from being too annoying, as in order to make fun of shit-coms, it had to adopt what is horrible about them. It grated on the nerves. It was too committed to that particular joke. It would have been better if it was political satire outright, rather than using Bush as a mechanism to attack what is so stupid as to be its own parody.

posted by dong_resin at 11:58 AM on August 3, 2001

oh god dhartung. why'd you have to go and do that?
posted by dogmatic at 12:05 PM on August 3, 2001

About Bush!: it's a funny concept but they never seemed to have done anything with it. It always seemed like just a run-of-the-mill sitcom with George W. as the main character. Most of the plots seemed like the classic Meet the Parents disaster after disaster (everything just seems to go wrong for the main character). And the concept was just too gimmicky anyway, was anyone surprised it didn't last more than one season?
posted by Laugh_track at 12:27 PM on August 3, 2001

Battlebots? Robotica? Please. Robot Wars has always been and always will be the greatest arena for violent robotic clashes.
posted by dopamine at 2:00 PM on August 3, 2001

1. Battlebots needs to get off of CC and moved to, oh, say, Sci-Fi channel, or the H&G channel (hardware and all, ya know). When I want comedy, I want COMEDY, not some doofus drooling over the mechanical contraption he invented to slice into another doofus' robot. No offense to you BB fans - just think it's an odd fit (if at all) for a channel devoted to comedy. Or maybe my idea of "comedy" is just a tad too formal...?

2. The link referenced the short-lived "Police Squad!" series from 1982. Can I get an "Amen!" that the six episodes that aired were among the funniest moments in TV history, and far, far surpassed any of the PS movies?

3. The Bush show was fair, but not something that I scheduled time around. And each episode cost nearly $1.0M - jeez, was Bottoms pulling down the big bux for his uncanny resemblance to the real thing? Or was it to pay Parker & Stone? Funny, but not million-dollar funny.
posted by davidmsc at 3:00 PM on August 3, 2001

A Sedaris Primer.
posted by Optamystic at 5:25 PM on August 3, 2001

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