The Simpsons Get Respectable
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The Simpsons Get Respectable in this play where all the characters from the show act out Hamlet? It's a one-man show in New Jersey, but I'd pay to see this. It proves Hamlet's weird universality, but seeing Apu as "the first murderer" has got to be a rush. (via TV Tattle)
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ummmm. the article says "Macbeth", not Hamlet
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Okay, call me a geek, but I'd like to see this show. It sounds really, really funny.
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ummmm. the article says "Toronto", not New Jersey
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This is actually a touring production, as I believe it was in Orange County, California recently.

And I think this points more to The Simpsons' weird universality. I mean, given the quantity and variety of the characters on the show, I would imagine you could recast almost any play, movie, or novel with Simpsons characters.

By the way, does anyone else think Hamlet is a really weird name?
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This is obviously the greatest piece of Art ever created in the history of man.

(Ralph! Ralph! Ralph!)
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Here's the show's site.
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I think Eaten is right about the Universality of the Simpsons. The review doesn't say that you need a thorough understanding of Simpsonsalia, but I would imagine you would need it to get most of the jokes.

Also, in a perfect world, someone rewrites MacBeth as the Kurt and Courtney story and it becomes a cult classic.
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It's playing down at UC Irvine later this month. That's almost worth a trip down.
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Thanks mathowie! I missed it the last time it was here. I live five minutes from UCI. Woohoo!
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Grue: Hamlet a weird name? Ask the Danes. Originally Amled or Amlethus (he was a real person, the Prince of Jylland/Jutland), it means, pretty much, simpleton.

Note that MacHomer has its own site, on which you can see every conceivable Simpsons-Shakespeare cliché played out in headline form by its various reviews.
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I like Apu as Jules myself.
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From the reviews section.


"IS THIS A PIZZA I SEE BEFORE ME?" - The London Herald

"IS THIS A D'OH-GER I SEE BEFORE ME?" - The Scottish Sun


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Wow, he's been doing this show for a long, long time — I saw it at least five years ago at a fringe festival. Fantastic. The funniest live comedy I have ever seen.
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Shakespeare named his own son Hamnet, which is an even weirder name than Hamlet.
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MacHomer has been going around fringe festivals in Canada for years. It's a good show, well worth seeing.
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This sounds ripe for a future engagement at the NYC Fringe Festival, which opens in NYC in a few days.
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Sweeeet.....I am SO going to the Irvine show...
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dhartung, thanks for the info. I still think Hamlet (or Amled) is a weird name coming from my parochial background, but at least it was a real name and not made up by the Bard.
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wouldn't willy be a more natural choice? why with the anger and ability to kill a bear with his bare hands and the facial structure.

courtney love isn't that evil, really. i really loved hating her, and she might not have been 'a rock' like james brolin to barbara streisand, but she's really no lady macbeth.
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