Environmentally Correct Dance Party Set for Amazon.
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Environmentally Correct Dance Party Set for Amazon. "Brazil's lush Amazon rain forest may be best known for its isolated Indian tribes and abundant wildlife, but local officials hope it will soon be a hotbed of techno music ... [the] four-day 'rave' that is expected to lure tens of thousands of clubbers from around the world to all-night 'environmentally correct' dance parties." Can any one give me a ride?
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I know that I'm a computer geek when I read a caption like the one above and start to wonder if the story is about amazon.com having an anniversary party.
posted by milnak at 10:38 AM on August 3, 2001

There's something odd about this pairing. From the music to the clothes to the chemicals, raves are all about the synthetic. They are the triumph of fun over reality. Marrying ecology to this aesthetic of artificiality is an audacious concept. I wish this were more than an oddity-of-the-day story, so we could actually have some hope of finding out how the whole thing comes off in the end.

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I was in Manaus about a week and a half ago...not surprised they're trying new ways to get tourists to spend time there. Those ravers may not know what they're getting into: Manaus is not the nicest part of Brazil, nor the nicest part of the Amazon. I got out as quickly as possible, frankly.
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DJs from Germany, Japan, Russia, the United States and Brazil will pump out ``house, techno, drum n' base and trance'' music at the dance parties

What...no jungle music? :)
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I do hope that they are all getting there by sail, raft or foot and not utilizing vessels which otherwise pollute our air and water. Hmm, I'd really like to see a figure on how much is consumed in resources to put on this 'evironmentally correct' rave. Not to mention the sound pollution and damage to flora and fauna caused by their presence there...
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Right there with ya, milnak. I was expecting this horror...
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maybe greenpeace is finally attempting to deal with the horrible reality that the rain forest will be gone in about 3 seconds by getting the last out of the oxygen output inside the lungs of a bunch of wide-eyed, innocently innocuous ravers. i mean, if you're in a fucking tent at a party you know how it is......
and the environmentally sound part comes from licking toads instead of... urr... shooting meth?
posted by elle at 2:26 AM on August 4, 2001

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