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Minor Delays - a short story for every station on the London Underground.

(I particularly like Acton Town)
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Excellent, cheers. This looks great.

I read 253 recently, which is another London undergound based story (I found the printed version in a charity shop for 10p, which might be the best 10p I've ever spent). I think I liked just about everything about it, although a tube train with no standing passengers is probably a little too unrealistic for my tastes.
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I only read a couple of these, but they were great. It's hardly updated every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday though.
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Covent Garden is really funny.

As is Cockfosters
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            Victoria Station
I think back to that sordid day, I, dressed in Robin Hood hat and raincoat, having proceeded to a secretive rendezvous in Thames Ditton. There I met that lonely housewife -- golden hair that tempted the fingers, lingerie that tempted the flesh. Yet all the time, there in the shadows, I was watched. The threats came along about a week later. And so it is, I place my £3000 behind the hot water pipes, in the third washroom along, Victoria Station. There you are, Blackmail programme. Damn you, damn you all.
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Nice. A little Neil Gaiman-esque.
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