"A journey into the wilderness is the freest, cheapest, most nonprivileged of pleasures"
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Journey Through Canyons — a stunning HD time-lapse of the canyonlands in Arizona and Utah, featuring the Grand Canyon, Glen Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and Zion Canyon. A thorough way to explore these magnificent geologic marvels is to follow The Hayduke Trail, one of America's Best Adventures.
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I haven't watched the time lapse yet - but does it show where Rudolf The Red (who knows rain, dear) caches his peanut butter?
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Urge to move back to the southwest: rising.
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The trail is measured, not in miles, but in 6-packs.
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Looking at the map of the Hayduke Trail is mindblowing - 800 miles of incredibly rugged, very dry terrain. The hub sighed and said if only I was 20 years younger! I have to agree.... want more and we were just there last month!
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That's a very nicely-done video. The Narrows is really amazing -- we've been discussing the merits of Utah over at The Lifeboat and I've been reminiscing about my trip to Zion in the 80's. Great memories -- from nearly falling off Angels Landing to nearly drowning while inner-tubing when I didn't get out at the "TUBERS GET OUT OF THE WATER NOW!" sign, to hikes in box canyons with black & white film in my Pentax. A fine week was had.

Also, quality canyon-seeing can be done at the Black Canyon of the Gunnison in SW Colorado.
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Urge to move back to the southwest: rising.

At a job interview in Grand Junction, CO, a prospective employer once opted, with a bright smile, "We're thinking of paying as much as minimum wage!"

This has dampened my enthusiasm for the region.
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Too bad we can't do that in fighter jets like these guys.
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The summer I worked in the kitchen of the lodge in Zion National Park, I told the ranger station and my supervisor about halfway through my stay there that I wanted to hike the narrows. It's something you can only do when there's no warning of thunderstorms within a huge radius of the park, because flash flooding will kill you.

Finally the weather report was favorable, and I got up early early to be dropped off at the trailhead, and I started hiking. 16 miles through ever-deepening slot canyons, most of the time in the water, sometimes up to chest level...

One of the most grueling, amazing, transcendent days I've ever spent. I highly recommend it for anyone able to do it and who can fit it into their schedule.

I've never heard of this trail mentioned in the FPP. I think my motivation to do that would be much higher than, say, hiking the Appalachian Trail. Well, you know... unless my tour guide is at certain southern governor...
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It must have taken a great deal of restraint after heading each page with a quote from Edward Abbey and naming the trail after George Hayduke not to mention The Monkeywrench Gang even once on the Hayduke Trail website.
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hiking the narrows is a great day. not very difficult, just long. I twisted my ankle half way through and looked forward to every icy stream crossing so I could numb it up. southern utah is gorgeous. the slot canyons of Escalante are well worth a visit.
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Man, that hike looks incredible. (Need I actually comment on the video's beauty?) I wonder how well traveled it is in comparison to the AT or PCT. It will be interesting to see what they say about re-supplying, too.

That's an interesting reading of the text, localroger.
" Named after George Washington Hayduke III, a fictitious character in Edward Abbey's novel The Monkey Wrench Gang, ..."

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