maiestas plastic pera
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The Majestic Plastic Bag A 'wildlife documentary' about the plastic bag, narrated by Jeremy Irons. Or if Werner Herzog is more your kind of narrator, his take has previously been featured on the blue.
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Good, and of course a good message, but not funny like the lyre bird.
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I just wish the metadata played along with the gag a little better. I mean, I know they're trying to deliver a message, but it's spoiling my setup when I share it with people. [deadpan /]
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You wanna see the most beautiful thing I've ever filmed?
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I'll watch four minutes of almost anything Jeremy Irons narrates, but the script here uses him to particularly good effect. "Home to dozens of species," he intones seriously.
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That was awesome. Except now I feel empathy for plastic bags and want to set them all free so they can get to the ocean!!
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Speaking of, whatever happened to Wes Bentley?
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The battle with the Teacup Yorkie was particularly tense.


The bag prevailed!
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Whenever we see a shopping cart abandoned on the side of the road, the kids and I imagine it is trying to find its way back to the wild. They look so forlorn all alone, when they aren't surrounded by the herd.
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I think the only thing that could have improved this was having the great Sir David himself narrate it, but Jeremy Irons really does do a great job. I can also imagine Martin Sheen having a good go at it, that kind of serious but is he just kidding a little? thing he does would have worked.
posted by Megami at 12:57 PM on August 18, 2010

Simply beautiful. I even cried a little.
posted by lauratheexplorer at 1:28 PM on August 18, 2010

"California's many concrete rivers, home to literally dozens of creatures."
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