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"Earth From Above" is the result of the aerial photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand's five-year airborne odyssey across six continents.
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I've got the book. It's beautiful.
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Love the Copenhagen burbs.
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And not only there some stunning images here, you can look at them in a lovely non-Flash way, simply by scrolling. Big ups.
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That's so cool. Thanks. (And I am going to buy the book too, thanks, Devil Rancher.)

So many beautiful places on the planet... but the Rio de Janiero and Cape Town pics broke my heart.

What a wonderful, and awful, planet we live on.
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Previously, the official site with 2308 'wallpapers of the world' to download is here, and theres a travelling exhibition:
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And here's his main site: Yann (it will open a new full-screen window).
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Pigeon houses!
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I fell in love with the Southwest due to this fellow's photos of Monument Valley in National Geographic back in 1997(?).
Awesome stuff.
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Pigeon houses!

more pigeon houses
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I was expecting George Gerster's Earth from Above which is great.

He did a set of wonderful posters for Swissair in the '70s, more of his work here.
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I want his job.
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I first saw Earth from Above in Europe, maybe Copenhagen? Big prints posted in a public square, maybe 2' x 3', posted on walls for people to walk around and enjoy. It was a terrific experience.

Every time I see a website with big images and a simple scrolling interface I want to give Metafilter's own kokogiak a kiss.
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Endless ooohs and ahhhs. Thank you. Yay happy scrolling. Another smaller image collection of 50 of the same photographer's pics.

Each pic could inspire endless tangential surfing but the one that piqued my curiosity was the earthen pigeon houses of Mit Gahmr, Egypt. Crisp egyptian pigeon with coriander salt l Mit Ghamr was the town in which Dr. Ahmad El Najjar set up the first Islamic bank which pioneered the global Islamic Banking system.

Didn't know Egyptians call their country Misr, the origin of the oddly spelled word, Egypt (or that the word, Copt, came out of the badly pronounced word for Egypt).

But wait...what's the blue painted side of the ruins of Siwa pic all about? Huh, wonders if that's where the "salt of the earth" phrase came from. Hmm, hot in that part of the world today....*wanders off in a fractal link fest haze
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I saw the photos on display in Reykjavík in 2003 - really amazingly gorgeous shots. I had a few prints on my wall for the rest of the year, though I will say that the giant 3ft blowups were far more beautiful than my 4x6 postcards.
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Jesus - what happens in the other bits of the Copenhagen burbs?? That looks like a terrible.
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But... These photos totally are awesome. Is this the same guy as had pictures shown in the streets of Bath recently?
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Cool! I was also interested in learning more about the Copenhagen suburbs. I poked around the satellite imagery on Google maps and couldn't find anything resembling that photo. Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places, or maybe this circular layout is isolated to a very small area? Does anyone know more about this?
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The circle suburbs are in Brøndby.
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The surround, more rectangular suburbs are interesting too, with vegetable allotments and car parking away from the houses. Nice.
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