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It's about ethnomusicology, immigrants, and a tiny bit about depression. Read about Ian Nagoski and the music he discovered in a box of records that survived a foreclosure (WaPo link - register or bugmenot). Listen. Podcast. Buy some.
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Ian Nagoski rocks from my part of the world. Just sayin'.
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Wonderful story.

See also Distant Transmissions

Also a musician in his own right: Ian Nagoski (Interview)
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Also on Facebook: Fonotopia Radio
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What a great story.
At 21, he moved to New York to work for the pioneering modernist composer La Monte Young and to live in the artist's "Dream House," a loft space that had been converted into an experimental sound-and-light installation. But he spent most of his time attending to Young-ordered household chores ranging from the mundane (laundry and dish duty) to the ridiculous (shrine scrubbing).
Is anyone truly a success without having their own shrine-scrubber?
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This is fascinating. Thanks for sharing, ersatzkat!
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I'm a huge Marika Papagika fan. Have been for five minutes.
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Fantastic post. Thanks!
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Ian used to be a partner in a great record store in Baltimore, but quit it to put out more of the music he's been collecting. I was sad about that, but happy for the music.

If you have a chance to catch one of the lectures he sometimes gives where he talks about old ethnic 78s as he's playing them, I would highly recommend it.
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Also, readers of this thread might like Excavated Shellac.
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