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Comics + Paint = Cool Art. Alex Ross is probably the king, but Joe Jusko has done some neat things, as has the awesome Bill Sienkiewicz and fantasy artists Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell
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Gotta say, Jon J Muth and Sienkiewicz are my favorites by far. (Muth did "Mythology of an Abandoned City" and "M" among many other things).
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I like Sienkiewicz's method because he'll just go off and throw in a bunch of crazy lines, create surreal/messy backgrounds, and altogether part with representational art. At least in most of the works I've seen.

To me this makes perfect sense, the superhero-comic world is unbelievable surreal and to trying to bring a painter's eye realism to the absurdity of guys in tights flying about makes for some "which one of these things doesn't belong" sore-thumb art.
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Sienkiewicz is superb - in fact I was wondering the other day what he was doing. So now I know.

I still think it was a pity that he and Alan Moore couldn't finish Big Numbers (even if it was inevitable).

It was interesting to see he worked on the Matrix and Frankenstein (but I'm not surprised). It would be amazing if someone could make a movie to his aesthetic (the way Besson did for Moebius in The Fifth Element).

And Sienkiewicz storyboards Thomas the Tank Engine: this is a very odd idea.
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Let's not forget David Mack's Kabuki. There's also some good info here.
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You can also read a full story here.
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I'm not a big comics guy, but I couldn't help but buy all of Sienkiewicz's Stray Toasters series. Fantastic. What struck me was not just the consistent high quality, but the incredible diversity of style... it's quite amazing. Plus, cool story.
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skwm's right on with david mack. that guy is f-ing amazing. his art would be beautiful just by itself, but his use of it to deliver such complex storylines/characters/philosophies is unbelievable. plus the ridiculous amounts of mediums he uses... he'll use watercolors, fading to blue ballpoint pen, to abstract collages on one page... and it works. can't say enough about him.. plus, he's a really nice guy.
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I thought that reference to a Jane's Addiction Album was pretty clever myself.
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