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Now I know what 100,000 terrified people look like dancing. What's "please please don't trip" in Korean?
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What a misunderstanding!
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I'm too busy to make a proper post, but there's a fascinating thing happening right now with real North Korean propaganda appearing on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter and the government denying being the source.
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Watch for the army ladies' battle-sword dancing corps. They got it goin' on.
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North Korea is big on the nostalgia. The Official Webpage of The Democratic People's Republic of Korea has old paintings of Great Leader and Supreme Leader from their younger days, and the official news outlet looks to be stuck in the mid 1990s in terms of web design. The present has nothing on the past, come back with a visit to DPRK!
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I'm pretty sure that's all you'd actually see if you went on a tour of North Korea.
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It's about all you would be let see yeah. The circuses are unfortunately fed with other peoples bread. Check out some of the less tourism friendly footage that has been smuggled out.

Just got back from S. Korea and was really struck by the preparations they have in place for reunification. The motorway signs all have the distance to Pyongyang, and their rail system is ready to be hooked up to the north. The whole vibe was very much that of a non-custodial family who has prepared a room for someone who might never come home.
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Yeah, I posted that link on a previous thread.

Got it offen one of those Cheezeburger sites.
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Somehow I doubt that was the original soundtrack.
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VBS-TV has an interesting(?) look at North Korea as a tourist starting here
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Kim Jong Illy.
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I had no idea KC and the Sunshine Band had defected.
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