Sock puppets in love: ‘The Perfect Match’ by Tom Diamond, Keith Klassen, Peter MacGillivary
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And then, from across the room, their sewn-on eyes meet. Why do socks fall in love? (Single-link Flash video player. And it’s a park, not a room)
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Why do socks fall in love? Socks, unlike gloves, do not have left or right handedness, so any sock works equally well on either left or right feet, hence, you never get any real heterosocksuality. I can only conclude that all socks are gay.
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Awesome! This was playing at St George the Martyr church at Nuit Blanche in Toronto a few years back and I've thought of it and giggled every once in a while since. Watching people come into the church and realize they were watching a love opera about socks was hilarious. Now I'm going to go forward this link to everyone I've told about this over the years!
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