The Book of Imaginary Beings, Illustrated
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Fantastic Zoology - A graphical interpretation of J.L. Borges "Book of Imaginary Beings"

Lots more Borgesinalia at Pitt's Borges Center

Via theodolite's best answer and previously, though the links are now broken.
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Very cool. A good friend of mine just published a book of imaginary anatomy that was inspired by this, I think.
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Dig into the wayback machine and find the previous gems, like the PDF from the first previous link, though it lacks the interesting pictures.
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It's asking me to run something called "Netscape". Is that some sort of antivirus doodad?
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Apropos, since today is Borges's birthday. Cheers for 111 years!
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After looking at a fair number, my favorite illustration remains the first one I clicked on, The Ass with Three Legs.
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- a java script enabled browser (preferably Netscape)
- at 1024 x 768, or higher, screen resolution

Okay, is this guy for real?
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Damn, that animated gif of the old Netscape logo gave me a flashback!
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The Lamed Wufniks immediately suggest a plot for a story or a roleplaying game:
A secretive cult sends people all around the world to locate the Laed Wufniks, who, unaware of their status, are also unaware of their jeopardy. For the cult aims to locate all of the Wufniks and, at an appointed hour, kill them all simultaneously. As the freed essences of the Wufniks go forth to find new hosts, the world is left unprotected from God's wrath, and a series of cataclysms shake the world...
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It's interesting that he's unaware that the remora is a real animal - a fish with a sucker on its head that attaches to larger fish, whales, sharks, and yes, sometimes ships. The properties ascribed to it by the ancients are fantastical, but the remora itself is not.
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i can't say i love the drawings, but A for effort. i think my paperback version of the book actually has drawings.

lamed wufniks were always my favorite too. maybe i'm one of them. oh no i just lost the game.
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