He's not Haggard, though the economy is
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Do you feel overwhelmed trying to understand the driving forces behind our economic collapse. When listening to the latest Planet Money podcast, do you find yourself yearning for something a bit more toe-tappin'? Meet Merle Hazard. "He is the first and only country singer to write about mortgage-backed securities, derivatives, and physics."
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Jesus, I read Haggard. Imagine my disappointment.
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I think Merle was actually on either Planet Money or Marketplace from American Public Media a few weeks ago.
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Okay, it writes itself, anyone could have done it - but no one else did. So, I'm over my disappointment. That was worth a few minutes of my life. Thanks
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Wonderful accompaniment.
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I used to know Merle's sister, Morale. She sang for awhile with The Irrational Exuberants.
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Merle Hazard. I get it! In Lehman's terms, your favorite Goldman Sachs.
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Oh man, Bailout is awesome! I love this!

I thought the Greek Debt song was a bit...well, American predicting that Europe will tank, once again.
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