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Web of stories - "There are few things more interesting or more pleasurable than to watch someone tell a good story. And one story always leads to another."
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Snarky thought upon viewing the front page: my, that is a lot of elderly white men!
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my, that is a lot of elderly white men!

To me, old guys are the best story tellers. their just-be-quiet-and-listen tone puts me at ease.
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Jackanory, Jackanory...
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I think the correlation between old folks and stories has more to do with "old people have been around longer and have more experience to draw from" than some kind of discriminatory age-ism or something. Not so sure about the male bias, though. My grandmother drove from Winnipeg to northwest Manitoba to live/work, on her own, in a Model T back in the teens, and had some fairly amazing stories to tell about that period in history. I'm glad I thought to videorecord some of them before her death.
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Really enjoying this so far... the stories by entomologist Thomas Eisner are fascinating.
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