danyk's Electromagnetic Shenanigans
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(MLYT) Danyk666 and his microwave oven, danyk and his unshielded Source, danyk's little jacob's ladder, danyk heats water, zaps a CD, uses wrong AC power. Also hairspray high-volt abuse, his flyback transformer no workee (wait for it), carbon scoring on your droids? And danyk's small shaded-pole motor ...OF DEATH!!!

Stumbled into these with a jealous twinge: I notice that he's tried a couple things I never dared. They're old postings, yet don't show up in search (Czech keywords.) All his vids have non-English project pages with details & photos. But then while searching deeper: YEESH. Poking at bare unshielded magnetrons on the bathroom floor? Watching him feels like a hatful spiders, big black widows. Flammable hairspray plus Tesla coil. METER LONG AC discharges. UNSHIELDED X-RAY SOURCES WHA?!! And his tiny shaded-pole motor is slightly terrifying. Sir I salute you, and now I've had to go buy Ukranian GU-81Ms on eBay and need to get an expensive 1KW plate transformer hope you're HAPPY.

Now go and peruse his main site (En) for even more stoof, much impressive and not even that dangerous.
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"Why worry? Each of us is wearing an unlicensed nuclear accelerator on his back."
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These, they are the people who make bomb, yes?

Or the device from Sliders?
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I can't believe he's fucking with an open flame and (what is basically) a tesla coil in a interior bedroom. I just hope this guy doesn't live in an apartment building.

Still pretty cool to the part of me that wears jorts and grunts like Beavis (no hamburger).
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Forget that, he's operating an unshielded X-ray source with enough power to do some serious X-ray videography! I hope he doesn't have neighbors within, say, a quarter mile. You know it's fun when you can actually see point distortions in the CCD image from high-energy X-rays bombarding the sensor.
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I loved the one where they're cleaning off the pillow? remnants on the shaded pole motor with what I think is lit aerosol can.
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> live in an apartment building

Someone's garage and back yard appears on his Chicken TV repairmen page
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Excellent. The world needs more mad electrical engineers - why do the mad scientists get all the credit?
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No discussion of unsafe science experiments can be complete without The Radioactive Boyscout. Also Prevously.
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I can't believe he's the way he's mishandling his stash in the first video.
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An impressive collection of ways to die, for sure. I feel pedestrian now.
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Czech, please.
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The Radioactive Boyscout

Also Sam Barros' PowerLabs. Sam's new 140kV AC transformer is siiiiiiick.

These guys seem kind of dumb. Maybe not quite as dumb as melting glass with hydroflouric acid in your bedroom [mpg], but still pretty dumb.
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I feel like I'm getting cancer just from watching these videos.
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Danyk will be a great Dad for his deformed children.
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oh geez he let waaaaay too much of the magic smoke out of that flyback.
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>I can't believe he's the way he's mishandling his stash in the first video.

That's a bag of LEDs - it's not that kind of magic smoke.
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I got tense just watching that. That's an impressively crazy hobby he's got there. I particularly liked how, when the flyback transformer started to smoke, at which most people would cut the power, he moves closer.

I went to a safety workshop about microwaves once (in the context of high power satellite uplinks.) They made us calculate how long it would take to boil the vitreous fluid in your eyeball, if you happen to look down a kW transmitter. Not long, if you were wondering.

(About 6.5ml liquid, ~7g. Specific heat capacity is around 4200J/Kg/K, so needs around 4200*64*0.007 = 1900J. If you look down the focus of a 1kW magnetron, you could get that in a few seconds. That's why you don't casually look down the feed horn of uplink satellite dishes.)

Also the lens and cornea don't have any blood vessels, so are bad at dispersing heat.

That said, I'm guessing this is the sort of person who will probably live into his 90s while smoking a pack of cigarettes a day.
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Watching him feels like a hatful [of] spiders, big black widows.

Radioactive spiders, then? I wonder what will happen if he gets bitten.
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danyk and his little tumor, danyk gives his village cancer, etc
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...danyk gets a Darwin award...
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I used to wonder what high school physics lab would have been like without teachers or any concept of safety. Now I know.

But seriously, it takes a special kind of person to pick up a smoking flyback transformer and look at it, rather than do the obvious thing like TURN OFF THE ELECTRICITY.
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Remember the first time you stood with your head right next to an unshielded X-Ray generator and flipped on the switch.

Me either.
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That microwave video was worth every set of conjoined triplets he's going to have.
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Galactic Newsflash! Planet Earth swallowed by artificial black hole that popped up in the Czech Republic.
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Reminds me of wbeaty, just less sane.
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Bill Beaty is so awesome that people are reminded of him in his own posts.
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Most of these are insanely dangerous, but if that microwave magneto is really putting out 12W, why would it be dangerous to put your hand in front of it? It's not ionizing radiation...

(Not a rhetorical question - I'm really curious why it would be dangerous)
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Jesus Christ he's a one man suicide pact.
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Mythbusters, allow me to introduce you to Jackass. Jackass, this is my friend Mythbusters. Now you two don't do anything I wouldn't ... OH MY GOD
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The pinkness of the bathroom made me wonder if he's living with his mother, or a wife or girlfriend, and if so, how much yelling takes place in regards to these experiments.
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> really curious why it would be dangerous

That particular one's fairly safe, but most of his other magnetronu demos are not. Take note that his youtube page has 192 uploads at present. Watch for the droplet of melted copper giving off a musical chirp as it falls through water(!)
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codacorolla, that's only like a David Lynch movie if the wand is being held by a midget. And it's being played backwards.
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