It is the map that engenders the territory
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Radical Cartography has made a lot more maps since greasy_skillet posted it in 2005, including maps showing housing prices and segregation of all kinds in New York, Chicago, DC and elsewhere, counties named for Presidents, the night sky, the US in agriculture, the US as projected to other spots on the globe, and a physical atlas of the world.
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The conclusions drawn by some of these seem silly. "The idea that the US could become a nation of locavores is absurd" is not an idea proved by the fact that one crop tends to have a plurality in each geographic area (unless everybody eats an equal amount of everything and the green areas grow nothing but wheat).

Pretty maps though.
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The 'counties named for Presidents' link is a leetle busted. Otherwise, good post.
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I've had a note to myself to check out that site ever since one of their maps was featured in Good magazine about 2 years ago. Thanks for the reminder!
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Minus215Cee: "The 'counties named for Presidents' link is a leetle busted. Otherwise, good post.

Sorry, permalinks on the site are a pain in the ass: here it is.
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