HRH Elizabeth The Queen Mother is Dead
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HRH Elizabeth The Queen Mother is Dead This reminds me of a documentary I saw a year ago about US news channels, and the fact that they have the logos and segments already prepared for the deaths of important old-timers. This was funnier though.
posted by wackybrit (8 comments total)
Don't title it that way.

posted by websavvy at 10:03 PM on August 5, 2001

Damn, I thought you were serious. Blah.

This reminds me of an SNL skit where... ah, the hell with it.
posted by Aikido at 10:21 PM on August 5, 2001

Why, websavvy? Is she a friend of yours? Or do you just have a soft spot for doddering relics of an elitist, oppressive form of government?
posted by Optamystic at 11:10 PM on August 5, 2001

Okay, that came off as way snarkier than I meant it to. There is a serious question in there, though. Why do you care?
posted by Optamystic at 11:32 PM on August 5, 2001

At least they didn't announce it on the floor of parliament
posted by owillis at 11:41 PM on August 5, 2001

Argh. I was already trumpeting around the office that the Queen Mother had died before the entire link had loaded. That'll teach me. :P wackybrit, thou art well-named. :D

Why are so many of us concerned with the death of the queen mother? Is it because of a genuine concern for the affairs of that segment of British ... um... "politics"? Is it because of the unfolding of that eternally prominent human drama that is the British royal family?

Or is just tabloid-generated fixation?
posted by brownpau at 11:49 PM on August 5, 2001

I thought she was already dead. Is Bob Hope still going?
posted by lagado at 12:15 AM on August 6, 2001

Excuse me? Did you say doddering and elitist? And while we are at it, I'd be curious - no, fascinated - to learn in what way you think I might, as a citizen of the country, find a 100 year old lady with a walking stick oppressive. (And, yes, we do share surnames, but she never returns my Christmas cards.)
posted by RichLyon at 10:02 AM on August 27, 2001

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