Stuffed Animals
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Ravishing Beasts is a blog about all kinds of taxidermy. From taxidermy as fashion to pet taxidermy to taxidermy dioramas.
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Oh, Terry's Taxidermy, you will be missed.

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Interesting and, to my mind, utterly unfathomable. I can't even begin to understand why people stuff animals, even when they try to explain their reasons to me. I get the same reaction to it as I do when people try to explain to me why they think astrology is true: I understand the words, but I don't understand the way they come together.

I had a great-uncle whose hobby was taxidermy and I remember the intensity and loving care with which he prepared his cold, dead, empty little posers. I finally plucked up the courage to ask him why he did it. Why he thought that emptying a corpse and then stuffing it to look like... well, a stuffed corpse... seemed like a worthwhile, decent way to spend his time. He looked at me as though I were mad, and had asked an embarrassingly mad question. And then he said "Why... because these are beautiful beasts, and I want to preserve their beauty!"

And after that, I had nothing more to say.
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Taxidermy as fashion was rather hard to swallow, but I saw that boxing one in taxidermy dioramas, and now my feelings are quite conflicted...
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Too many kittens? Wedding!
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So I read "Ravishing Beasts" as "Ravishing Breasts" and then went on to read "is a blog about all kinds of taxidermy" and was afraid to click on any of the links.
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