National Smile Week
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National Smile Week is celebrated in the second week of August, but it's not too late to start smiling. Perhaps you can get some inspiration from this gallery. My favorite, so far I think, is number 21 (NSFWish).
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Number 21 is not, unfortunately, safe for work.
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Y'all so don't want to see my "now I am smiling" smile.
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Bah humbug.

Just kidding. They're doing a lot of repaving in my neck of the woods. Lately I've taken to smiling and waving at the flagmen or the workers when I can catch their eye. I probably should have both hands on the wheel and trying not to run them over, but sometimes they smile and wave back, oftentimes they just look puzzled. What's this dude all happy about?
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Related...and I'm not sure whether this makes me smile or cry...Jay Day. One dentist gives his services freely on the anniversary of his son's death. As one area newspaper notes:

For one day, Sliverman offers one free dental service - cleaning and an exam, tooth filled or tooth extracted - for those who do not have dental insurance.

"At the time it happened, the people of Lebanon Valley helped me out. People I didn't even know were pitching in. They did a lot for me here, so I felt when Jason passed away, I needed to pay them back."

Those hoping to take advantage of Silverman's generosity had to register between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. However, by 10 a.m. Silverman reached 150 registered people - the highest Jay Day has ever had.

"We are not really sure what we are going to come up against," he said. "They were here at 4 a.m."


One hundred and fifty people smiling, all because of human kindness and professional skill.
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I'd smile, but I haven't been able to afford a dentist for awhile...
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Or you could celebrate by donating to The Smile Train.
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"I am smiling."
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The punch line to #21 is:

"the other lady couldn't reach it"
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I thought this post was about National Simile Week, but it was nothing like that.
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Seconding Dr Dracator. I couldn't figure out what a picture of a simile was going to look like.
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