US DOJ fails to act to prevent prison rape
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Kendell Spruce was raped, often at knife-point, by no less than 27 individuals. He was also infected with HIV. All of this happened during nine months of imprisonment on a probation violation. He is one of at least 88,500 prisoners sexually victimized every year. Despite these numbers, the Washington Post reported today that the US Department of Justice has failed to implement standards for eliminating prison rape. Oh, and it's probably worth mentioning that 12 percent of juvenile inmates have been sexually assaulted as well.

A post detailing the egregiously uncivilized nature of the US prison system was recently removed for violating some MeFI rule or another. As such, I thought posting a mainstream news story instead would due the issue justice. After all, like wise folks from Jesus to Gandhi to Harry Truman have expressed, a society's level of civilization can only be measured by how it treats the least among them. And in the case of the US, its prison system is a monstrously shameful blot.
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