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The Creator's Project unleashes The Eclectic Method’s (previously) latest video, Super Mario Mashup onto the world with a bonus genre-exploding montage and Q&A trying to put it all together.
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Also previously on Creator's Project.

I saw EM live show at Bonarroo this year. It was, no joke, completely life-changingly good. They were scratching video live, but not in a crazy dark industrial way, more like as if Prince Paul's joined Everything Is Terrible and you could dance to it. I really just, didn't know we could do that.
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Here's some video i took of that EM show in TN. Bad sound beware.
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Is this mirrored anywhere? I am having no luck viewing this.
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this work?
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[sorry - vimeo's having issues. Sam Morrill says, "Hello everyone, we are currently experiencing some player issues, which we are working to fix right now. Thanks for your patience!"]
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I was able to watch it from the first link a few minutes ago. Loved it! Really fun mashup. And everyone was there... The teenage turtle dude, the princesses, Mario, Donkey Kong, the invaders from space... Fun. Really, enough fatties rolled and sittin' on the tray, and I could watch Tetris being played to that soundtrack for hours.
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I love the Eclectic Method. 1/3rd of the group (i.e. one of them) played a video set at our Halloween party last year. It freaking rocked.

Even when the council turned up and told us the bass could be heard a quarter of a mile away. One of them told us she wouldn't mind coming to this party, which is pretty unusual for a council noise control person to say.
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Ohhhh, that damn Duck Hunt dog keeps laughing at me--but one day I'll show him I'm really good at tetris wait, what?
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