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Shinya Kimura likes motorcycles. (A short film about a custom motorcycle engineer.)
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Very nice... thanks..

Well edited, great images.

/now I'm going to go ride
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I cannot see it for some reason, I see the web page, but video is a blank rectangle. Anyone hazard a guess why?
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heh. I'm reading Matthew Crawford's treatise on the glory and the pay of manual labours (mefi's gone around on it here, here and finally reached its limit here) and so this sort of video is like pure brain candy.

sfts2: its flash, so you'll need a recent version of something that can play it.
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Most beautifuly ugly bike I've seen. From a poet mechanic. Sounds like a facinating guy.

Great find.
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This is so good.
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Needs more shots of the bike(s).
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Now that my curiosity is up here is what I found:

The bike in the video likely the one he calls "spike", and if wiki is to believed, is likely one of many built from a pre-1984 HD that Shinya Kimura favors. His style is called wabi sabi (austere refinement), and he's recently moved to Cali with the aim of making art.

His blog is suprisingly well done, and he's all ready got the art angle down with a flash heavy website which has many more pics here.
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I really don't think his style is called wabi sabi. But the bikes are great.
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thank you for this
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I put that wrong - it was his wiki page claiming his inspiration was wabi sabi, his particular style is called "Zero" style. I picked up on the wabi sabi because I find it to be a really fascinating idea, and I think it does fit Kimura aesthetic.
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More pictures of him 'n his bike here.
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