Higgs, Higgs, glorious Higgs
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The CERN Choir sings about the Higgs Boson in the Particle Physics Song (slyt).
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Whoa, I must have seen this already although I don't remember it. Before I even read the title or clicked the link I suddenly got "mud mud glorious mud" going in my head.
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ha, that is so geeky

"they all thought of susy" = supersymmetry
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Ahh, Flanders and Swann! Shades from the 1950's and 60's!

Over the course of 11 years, Flanders and Swann gave nearly 2,000 live performances. Although their performing partnership ended in 1967, they remained friends afterwards and collaborated on occasional projects. (From Wikipedia)
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I love nerds!
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I was really hoping for "Still Alive".
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We're a Finite Simple Group (of Order Two).
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Your offerings please me. You are granted one more month of uninterrupted LHC service. Don't blow it all on booze and hookers.
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I once wrote my own super-duper-collider song. It had Hawkings saying cuss-words.
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Obligatory TMBG link.
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What? No mention of the insidious baguette incident?
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I expected something more like the intro, lyrics included, to this song.
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