Monkey Business
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Monkey Business: four short films (about three minutes each) by Matthew Killip, about people who work with monkeys and apes. India: Rhesus Macaques as pests; USA: Chimpanzee as research subject; Nigeria: baboons as entertainers; Indonesia: macaque as harvester.
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"It's true monkeys are very intelligent. If they could figure out how to light a rock, or strike a match, they could destroy all of India. Indeed, the whole world."

Just ask humanity.
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One time I was in India with a friend and we were walking around this little hilltop village and a bunch of horrible macaques came rushing out of the trees towards us so I threw my bag of peanuts of my friend's feet and ran away. LOL.
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Now that I've watched them all - wicked cool.
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Thank you. Wonderful little collection. I could watch more!
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I love this love this love this! My nickname is Monkey so I feel an extra-genetic connection with the little primates.
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They'll bite your f*ckin face off.
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Great, thanks!
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I dissected a guenon a couple years ago. That thing had the biggest balls I've ever seen, on any mammal. They were so strikingly huge that even the professor, when he came over to check on my progress, remarked, "whoa, check out the testicles on that guy!" and called the rest of the class over.

And that is my story about monkeys.
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I did not know that the public was fed up with monkeys stealing their cell phones. Awesome!
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