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The elegant, understated Clothes On Film features interviews with film costume designers (most recently, an insightful series with the designer for Inception), and fashion analysis of films as diverse as The Big Lebowski and Top Hat. Neatly accessorised with The Costumer’s Guide.
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Oh, this is wonderful! Thank you so much for posting this, I have a long night ahead of me now ...
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The fact that the Big Lebowski article is entirely about the Dude's bitchin' cardigan means that this knitter, who has been dying to find out more (and possibly how to make one of her own), is utterly pleased.

Fuckin' A, man.
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Lately I've found myself impatiently waiting for the Project Rungay Mad Style posts where they analyze the costuming of the characters on Mad Men. It's fascinating. I never considered how much these details shape your impressions of a character - or reveal so much more of their backgrounds/stories - the Mad Style posts focusing on particular characters are deeply insightful. A whole blog devoted to this subject is going to suck me right in. Great post!
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This is a great find, thanks!

Also, the costume designer of Inception explicitly says the kids clothes are different.
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Also, the costume designer of Inception explicitly says the kids clothes are different.

Yeah, I noticed that when I went to watch the movie a few days ago.


I thought it was great how they chose clothes that were just close enough, yet different enough to the clothes that we see throughout the movie, so you end up double-guessing if they're the same or not.

The girl's dress is a different shade of red, plus they added sleeves. The boy's clothes also seem to be really similar but with enough of a change in shade that if you're focusing on that, you notice the difference, but if you're not [focusing], you don't notice it. Also, Cobb seems to have a flashback first, seeing the kids we've seen several times before, but then something brings him back to the present and we see the real, and older, present-day kids.
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Fantastic post. I've spent the last couple of weeks watching some silent films and the first talkies, I'd love to read more posts on older costumes.
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I hadn't ever paid much attention to costumes until Inception, because everyone just looks so damn good in it. No, wait, that's not completely true - I remember noticing the clothes in A Single Man.

COF: Cobb’s wedding ring appears and disappears at several points throughout the story. Is this a plot signifier for the audience or perhaps a continuity error?

JK: There was no continuity error.

Tee hee.
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this is like food for me.
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I found Clothes on Film because of the Inception posts, but it's generally fantastic. Normally when I trim feeds, the recent ones are the first to go, but this one will be around for a while.

Also, seconding the Mad Style posts flex mentioned. I love them and I don't even watch Mad Men.
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I found Clothes on Film because of the Inception posts

Same here. I was getting some suits tailored, and after watching Joseph Gordon Levitt in Inception and reading the CoF articles, I got some matching vests. Mr. Nolan, your movie made me buy friggin' vests.

That was a first for me.
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