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To promote his newest film, My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done, director Werner Herzog is interviewed by twitter. (MLYT) (Via the AV Club.) (Previously on Herzog.)
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And naturally, I fucked up the link. In my defense, they make it impossible to backbrowse, so yay. Anyway!
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Weird - I am in Canada and the "fixed" link in your comment is "blocked in your country on copyright grounds", while the original link works.

Also, "I recommend´╗┐ moving to the States so you can watch content on our channel," really? FirstLookStudios is so helpful.
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Yeah, I think the setup as a whole is less than ideal, but worth it (if you're actually, like, allowed to watch the clips, and it makes no sense at all for them to be region-blocked).
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These guys totally ripped this off from a similar project I did last year:

@HoraceRumpoleMF Q: How would you rate the security at your POW camp?
@WernerKlemperer A: There has never been an escape from Stalag 13!
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David Lynch and Werner Herzog? Well, that'll be... something.
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My god I love this man.
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Why is twitter interviewing him? Or is he being interview by fans, via twitter?
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