Juan Pablo Bravo's character infographics
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Chilean graphic designer Juan Pablo Bravo (Flickr profile, blogspot blog) makes some pretty awesome character infographics. (Warning: the following links go to large sized flickr photos) 70 Disney Villains : 250 Disney Characters : 100 200 Pixar Characters (sorta previously) : 50 Movie Cars : and his most recent (and my personal favorite) 600 Hanna-Barbara Characters (via).

Bonus link: Here is a set of some of Bravo's professional infographic work for the Chilean newspaper El Mercurio.
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Nice presentation, kind of like the info-graphics showing scale of the various ships in Star Wars and Star Trek, but the data points are screwy.

Monsters Inc's Mike Wazowski as the main character and Sully and Boo as secondary characters? And Lotso as the hero of TS3? Balderdash!
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Powerpuff Girls were by Hanna Barbera?
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Yeah, the later Hanna Barbera cartoons were pretty shocking to me, even though somewhere in my head I knew that.

I thought the 600 HB was pretty amazingly neat, and then I had to talk myself down from thinking it wasn't just as cool because somehow Moleculad was somehow a main character where Kid Comet and Elektra were secondary.

Also Partridge Family 2200 - how did I not know about this?
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I love this! Can I suggest adding the "Ghostbusters2" tag?
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Yes, Hanna Barbera remained the official 'brand' of the in-house-produced Cartoon Network toons for a while. Any cut-off point was somewhat arbitrary.

I have issues with a few selections of 'main characters' myself (starting with Ruff & Reddy - BOTH should be primary), but the biggest error to me was putting Yogi Bear in 1961 when his own show began and not in 1958 when he debuted as part of the Huckleberry Hound show. I've been a toonhead since before HB was founded (both Captain Kangaroo and The Mickey Mouse Club debuted the Monday after I was born) and even I saw characters in the 80s I was not familiar with.

And the "50 Movie Cars" are actually 41 Movie Cars and 9 TV Cars (plus 1/2 for the VW Van in Little Miss Sunshine AND Lost and maybe 1/3 for the Austin Mini in Mr. Bean - did he drive the same car in the TV show and the movie?)

It's a pedant's playground!
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I'm just glad to see Fish Police on an infographic.

Interestingly, according to IMDB, the following people lent their voices to Fish Police: Ed Asner, Meg Mullaly, Tim Curry, Buddy Hackett, and John Ritter. What a toon!
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This made me re-evaluate how i viewed the narrative of disney animated movies, the narrative is good, then nothing post Cindrella or Sleeping Beauty is good, then Beauty and the Beast, but some of the films from the 70s and 80s were well written, beautifully constructed narratives.
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Meh. The newspaper infographics are competent but nothing exceptional. But the selections for his personal work are, shall we say, eccentric. Five Batmobiles, three cars from The Fast and the Furious, but no '68 Mustang from Bullit?
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The cars one is frustrating for me because most of the pictures are to scale, but then others are scaled as he sees fit.

I'm pretty sure the Mini is correct to scale, but the 4x4s look too small compared to the New MINI (or whatever the fuck they call that travesty), even if the new Mini is a huge great lump.

And the RC car from Toy Story is supposed to be able to squeeze under a car, is it not...?

Still, I do love it...
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Apparently the Jetsons get smaller when they get in their space car. I'm fine with that.
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The later Batmobiles are pretty sad looking next to the iconic '66 model.
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Is it weird to confess that a large chunk of my enjoyment of these comes from seeing the character names in Spanish?
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This stuck with me all day, as I kept wondering what the other show, besides Thundarr, was that had a fantasy-type hero with a magical sword... No, not He-Man. I could only remember that the sword split into two pieces.

No, really, I'm not thinking of He-Man!

Galtar and the Golden Lance!

I loved that show as a kid, but sadly it's not on the H-B infographic...
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