August 21, 2001
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Donald Woods, the South African writer, editor and anti-apartheid activist has died after succumbing to a two year illness. It feels right that MeFi too should mention it and pay its respect.. [...]
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Most famous internationally for his book 'Biko' (on which the film 'Cry Freedom' was based) exposing the plight of Steve Biko, founder of The Black Consciousness Movement, the manuscript for which he not only secretly penned whilst he was 'banned' by his government - forbidden to write even something as simple as a note to his wife - but which he also had to smuggle out of the country dressed as a priest to publish, the fifth-generation white South African had a long-standing commitment to seeking racial equality in his nation. A search that in the end, of course, was fruitful. As the world pays tribute to this remarkable man Biko's words come to mind, 'You are either alive and proud, or you are dead, and when you are dead, you don't care anyway'. Woods made sure he did more than one mans share of caring about the apartheid issues that fueled his existence whilst he was alive and leaves behind a legacy that as a result of heroic efforts like his millions now don't have to. He was 67.
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I saw him speak in college back in the early nineties. Well spoken, self effacing, extremely knowledgeable about pan african politics, and a great cataloger of pop culture. Damn shame he died, but a blessing that he lived.
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That must have been cool. I wish i could remember the early nineties.. it's all such a blur. <(__/o)> <(o\__)>
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