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"In the depth of winter I finally learned there was in me an eternal September. This definite, very real September I'm writing in, however, is the only place and time I want or need. Football season is over; football season has begun. The rest is life, and it can and will wait until February, the question that always answers itself by becoming March, and then April, and then back to September again, where we do not root for Tennessee, because that is simply not done here."
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I liked reading Frederick Exley because he made football seem less stupid. So does this. Thanks.
posted by docpops at 11:38 AM on September 3, 2010

This is not the eternal September I was hoping for.
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Exactly what I was about to say, kenko.
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It's 1993 all over again.
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Tomorrow, September fourth, is going to be a good day. I've been waiting for months. "Wait till next year." It's always next year for the Texas Aggies. Now, maybe it's this year.

This article moved me to tears for reasons I don't understand.
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It is much too terribly jarring to read "February" in this piece. Everyone knows football ends in January. That's when the Superbowl is. I've heard rumors it got moved for one reason or another but the tradition-bound sport that exists in my childhood memories would never ever ever tinker with a thing like that; these seasonal associations are too important. So it's a good thing I stopped giving a shit a while ago, huh.
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I have pointed out that if I ever tweet "football season is over" it's a reason to alert the authorities. How much SAD is misdiagnosed because it's really people upset that football season has ended? How much of the reverse is true? GO SOONERS.
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Yeah Xoebe, I was much more moved than I expected to be. If you don't read EDSBS regularly, it's a sarcastic and silly football blog that normally ... doesn't do this. I don't usually post random blogs to the blue, but this was just something special I wanted to share it.

Go Jackets.
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Oh, and my alma mater, Georgia State, won their very first game ever 41-7 last night over Shorter. That was pretty surreal.
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He had me until the picture of the Florida player at the end. Go, 'Cocks!
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