Classic comic artists at their drawing boards.
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Classic Chicago Tribune Cartoonists, 1931. Leapin' lizards! We're in the movies! Excerpt from the documentary From Trees to Tribunes. You can get the whole documentary here at Classic comic artists at their drawing boards.

Cartoonists in the video:

John T. McCutcheon
Gaar Williams
Carey Orr
Sidney Smith (The Gumps)
Frank King (Gasoline Alley)
Frank Willard
(Moon Mullins)
Carl Ed (Harold Teen)
Martin Branner (Winnie Winkle)
Walter Berndt (Smitty)
Harold Gray (Little Orphan Annie)
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Great post. We'll never see the likes of them again. Bill Watterson, Berkeley Breathed and Patrick McDonnell not withstanding...
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