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PediaPress has long allowed logged in users of Wikipedia to create printed-on-demand books of one or more Wikipedia articles, but now Wikipedia has integrated into their interface the ability to make a book. No, not like that. Of course, the value of printing an ever-changing information resource can be debated, and some think it's a waste of time. Previously.

Click "Print/export" on the right side of a Wikipedia page, and then click "Create a book" to start assembling articles into a nice shiny book for your offline perusal. Once you start making a book, hovering over links allows you to add those articles to your book.

PediaPress was somewhat rudimentary when it first started, only allowing you to print out an alphabetized group of articles, but now you can put them in any order and organize them in chapters.

If you don't feel up to the task of curating articles into a book, you can browse PediaPress's catalog of books that have already been created by someone.

In addition, if you don't really feel like paying for a book, now you can also export Wikipedia articles into ready-to-print PDF files by clicking Print/export > Download as PDF.

10% of the proceeds from PediaPress go to the Wikimedia Foundation.
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As far as I can tell you're supposed to use it like this.
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The fact that Kingdom Hearts is the showcase book makes so much sense here.
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Great! Now, if a vandal changes the dates of World War II for two seconds, that vandalism could be forever enshrined in book form!
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As far as I can tell you're supposed to use it like this.
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That compilation of articles is a great read!

As for printing wikipedia, I'd like to see the same option for my Kindle. A bit of googling turned up this on edukindle, but it just does a single article at a time.
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Alternatively you could do a Wikipedia book like this: every edit made to the Wikipedia article on The Iraq War, published as a twelve-volume set.
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