Visualizing data: scientific sculptural weaving
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Nathalie Miebach translates scientific data related to meteorology and ecology into woven sculptures and musical scores. She discusses her work in an interview with the Peabody Essex Museum. (via Mira y Calla)
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Love it.

I am keeping the interview for later but the sculptures are gorgeous and entrancing.

Another hit from chief curator Julie.
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Great post!
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This is wonderful, thank you for sharing. Love the sculpture piece, it's mesmerizing.
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I love these, thanks. It's a shame she doesn't go into more detail about how the data is encoded in the sculptures; it'd be great to be able to look at a key and read them.

I spend my life generating experimental data (well, trying to!) to explore how this wonderful world of ours functions, so I'm fascinated by the idea of abstract, artistic presentations that preserve the integrity -- and therefore the inherent beauty -- of a robust data set describing a part of our world. Awesome stuff.

Yes, I think robust data sets that capture some of the elegance of how the natural world works are beautiful in their own right. This might be a geek pride thing, or it might just be a psychological scar from too many long nights spent slaving at the lab bench, desperate for interesting and reproducible data.
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