That's no moon, that's La Luna
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Space Loteria. The Mexican memory game Loteria illustrated using characters from the Star Wars universe. Click on a card to see it larger, along with its traditional counterpart.
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I honestly don't know how the word "memory" got into my write-up.
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I like it, but can't help feeling that it would have been better with (for instance) vintage pulp sci-fi imagery rather than the Star Wars stuff.

Because there's enough Star Wars on the Internet and it needs to stop. Right now.
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That's no moon.
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it took me a while to realize this was a local thing. I didn't know there was more than one Live band karaoke group in town, but at the same time, i don't think that was what i was supposed to take away from this.
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This is the first Star Wars-related thing to make me happy in years.
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(Oh, and because it's not immediately obvious: Be sure to click on each one to see it next to the original card.)
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(And now I see that adamrice addressed that in the FPP. Disregard.)
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These are really nice. My favourites are the jug (?), the pear and the bandolon (mandolin?), I think because of the completely matter-of-fact way the Star Wars item is presented in each one, as if it's obvious that one of those Cloud City spacecraft corresponds symbolically to a pear.
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The Vader-as-Atlas one is genuinely inspired.
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This is cool. I'm feeling like an expedition to investigate may be in order. I just have to remember to keep repeating that I have no room on my wall and I'm not allowed to buy art unless I can display it.
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Oddly enough, El Negrito link is broken. Here' s the image.
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Do you want to play a game?
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Indeed, El Mundo would make a t-shirt I would gladly wear. El Cameron is also inspired.
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