September gryllus do so much
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The suzumushi sound would probably go very well with the sound of sharpening knives.

Also: Paging zerokey to the white courtesy phone
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Great job, Chester. You're ready for Times Square.
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I never knew. Now I do, and I feel richer for it. Thanks.
posted by From Bklyn at 12:09 PM on September 13, 2010

Omg, this is so cool to learn about! Thanks for the post, grounded.

I loved it at the end of that great movie, The Last Emperor, when he finds the ancient (60 year old) cricket he kept as a child. I wondered if crickets had such long lives. Apparently not. But maybe that was a Special Cricket?

The sound of the suzumushi is just like miniature bells, so charming. After learning about this critter, compelled to go a-googling: Suzumushi Temple in Kyoto, where they raise 50,000 crickets a year; at the Temple of 1000 Bells, the sound of suzumushi might not be music to everyone's ears, because the beauty of their song is only heard by those with clear, guilt-free minds . . .
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Fascinating. Now I want to help the kids build a cricket habitat in the backyard. Goodness knows we have enough of 'em around, but wouldn't it be nice to have a huge chorus?
posted by davejay at 12:13 PM on September 13, 2010

Props on the title.
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I'll be impressed when Mr. Takai can get crickets to say, "Oh my."
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Those are some expensive chapulines
posted by lalochezia at 1:14 PM on September 13, 2010

I first learned about suzumushi when reading Hannibal Rising; it never occurred to me to check YouTube for a sample of their song. It's lovely.
posted by neushoorn at 5:02 PM on September 13, 2010

More crickets, Chinese this time,

Scroll down Music to
Lars FredrikssonX
Ting Qiu - Listening to Autumn

Lots of other good stuff too.
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