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A Dictionary of the Near Future: "The thing about the future is that it never feels the way we thought it would. New sensations require new terms; [here] are a few such terms to encapsulate our present moment."

Here's mine: genre singularity - the event occurring when the total number of musical genres is greater than the total number of actual songs

Be gentle; it's my first post :)
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FICTIVE REST: The inability of many people to fall asleep until after reading even the tiniest amount of fiction.

This used to be me. Then I started drinking.
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Oh! It's by Douglas Coupland! He's been creating this kind of thing since his first novel, which gave me the term "emotional ketchup burst", which is when you've kept all your various frustrations inside for so long that it finally spills out in a giant fit of anger, usually triggered by a relatively minor (and generally unrelated) event.
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I liked 'em better when they were called "Sniglets".
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So, this is Coupland providing a helpful glossary for all the cute terms he made up for his new book?
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ANTIFLUKE A situation in the universe in which rigid rules of action exist to prevent coincidences from happening. Given the infinite number of coincidences that could happen, very few ever actually do.

Totally wrong. Virtually everything that happens in the universe is a coincidence, but we only have the brains to see a few.
Cows see even fewer. Maybe only one--"Hey. That's exactly what I was going to say."

PROCELERATION The acceleration of acceleration.

Too slow. We already have a term for this. In physics/mechanics it is called jerk.
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I started reading the list, and thought "Who the hell wrote this? Douglas Coupland? Oh. So he did."
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I know, it's not cool to like Douglas Coupland anymore, but I think this list is awesome anyways. I love most of the definitions with the exception of POST-HUMAN Whatever it is that we become next. I'd argue we cannot become post human until we become human first , and I'd say we have a ways to go yet.
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IAD, Internet Affective Disorder: Depression or mania brought on by Internets.
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I hadn't realized I was over Copeland, until I read this.

So, thanks for that.
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Novelization T-shirt Clothing designed by writers.
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ROSENWALD’S THEOREM The belief that all the wrong people have self-esteem.

OK, I'm still laughing about this one....
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Douglas Copeland, 1987
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I didn't notice the byline at first, and when I got to these two:

GODSEEKING: An extreme version of Christmas Morning Feeling.
GRIM TRUTH: You’re smarter than TV. So what?

I rolled my eyes and thought "Great. Someone at the NYTimes Style section is moonlighting as a half-assed Douglas Coupland wanna-be." As I read on, I revised my initial diagnosis down to a quarter-assed DCw-b. Then I got to the end, and realized that everything above was actually by Coupland and that I now think of Coupland as a faded imitation of himself.

And the really peculiar thing is that I can't help but suspect that Coupland wouldn't be offended by my judgment. Instead, he'd name it something like "Simulacra-tic Selfening," give it a suitably pithy defintion, and think he'd crystallized into text something profound about our contemporary age.
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I need words for the following things:

  • That feeling you get when too much time has passed and you should have been to the next subway stop by now, but the train keeps going and you end up in Queens, which is the exact opposit of where you're wanted to go.
  • Those short one or two second video clips you take of people standing still smiling stupidly because your camera was accidentally in video mode instead of still-picture mode.

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    INSTANT REINCARNATION: The fact that most adults, no matter how great their life is, wish for radical change in their life. The urge to reincarnate while still alive is near universal.

    So much of this. ::Sigh::
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    I was five or six items in, thinking it was another trying-to-be-funny-but-failing McSweeny's list. I was surprised it was NYT and even more surprised it was Coupland.
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    Those short one or two second video clips you take of people standing still smiling stupidly because your camera was accidentally in video mode instead of still-picture mode.

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    I'd like to add the following: FICTIVE Un-REST:

    What happens when you have to many books on the shelf you haven't read yet, and you can't settle down enough from your internet induced ADHD, to make a choice as to which to begin reading, and when you finally, after a super-human effort do make a choice, you always have the irritating notion in the back of your head that perhaps you should give up on contemporary fiction and just re-read great classics or old favorites, because life is too short to waste on lousy trendy ultra contemporary fiction that's just a bit to self-satisfied and too recursively ironic to do anyone any good whatsoever....
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    OBSESSIVE-REFRESHIVE DISORDER - the phenomena where an internet surfer refreshes a news site/aggregator several times per minute in the hope of something new and interesting showing up.
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    Ooh, I can't get enough of what Douglas Coupland writes. Thanks!
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    Adam 69: n. : Two police cars, parked next to each other, facing opposite directions, in such a way that the drivers side doors are only inches from each other, allowing the officers to chat with each other while waiting for a traffic violation to happen.

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    I liked this more than I expected. I thought it would be lame but actually a couple of the items made me think. I really *can't* describe the voice of my internal monologue, and it never occurred to me to try.
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    Coupland. Copeland? No, Coooupland. Copland? No, Coooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuupland.

    I always want to pronounce it with a long o sound, but it's clearly spelled with an "ou."

    If I ever meet him, I suspect it'll go like that scene in Goldmember where Austin meets the mooooooole.
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    Every third or so terms on this list would make a good band name.

    In announcer voice: "At the Verizon Amphitheater this Saturday, September 17th, the Copeland Fest, featuring Antifluke, Complex Separation, Grim Truth, Humanalia, and a very special apperance by Memesphere and Star Shock. Tickets only $29.95 at the box office. Get yours TODAY."
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    Sorry, er, Coupland.
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