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Meet Meet Eater, a plant that sustains itself through Facebook interaction. This project was created by designer and artist Bashkim Isai as a university project to explore the idea of "affectionate computing" and currently sits at digital hub The Edge in Brisbane, Australia. Meet Eater has a good sense of humour, but also perhaps a drinking problem.
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So by visiting the plant's page, I feed it, thereby becoming the digital age equivalent of Rick Moranis a la "Little Shop of Horrors"?
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There are millions of organisms already sustaining themselves through Facebook interaction.
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No, Grizzlepaws, that's what it would become if it fed on /b/ posts.
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Man, Zuckerberg is doing all he can to stay out of the limelight.
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Feeeeeed me seyMOAR!

it's a very cool project
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For something a little more substansive: from the "drinking problem" link, it's apt that it's possible (and likely) to get too much attention through social media. Makes you wonder what it's doing to people who are growing up in the middle of it.
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'There have been some people who are very proactive with the plant's engagement who maintain conversations with the plant over some weeks,' he told AFP.

I love the internet! It shows that no matter how crazy you are, there's always someone crazier.


An aside: well that's not often I see my local paper, the Straits Times, linked to on MeFi. Interestingly, of the 10 'most popular articles', 7 are about violent deaths (6 are actually about the same homicide case, a pair of alleged serial killers in neighbouring Malaysia), 2 are about Lee Kuan Yew and one is about local marriage laws.
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Reminds me of Marc Bohlen's Office Plant, circa 1998. It was a robotic "plant" that read and reacted to the emotional content of the owner's email.
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