And all of a sudden, you find yourself a hundred years old
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Dr Richard Bing has been around for awhile. Dr Richard Bing celebrated his 100th birthday October 2009.

He has done a few things in his life - some to do with medicine, some to do with music, some writing, spent a bit of time in the Army. He has something named after him. But as the documentary in the first link shows, what is most engaging, and maybe most telling, is his attitude on this long and interesting life (and his single word to sum up his life is less cringe-worthy than most of us could come up with I am guessing).
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The first thing I did was to look him up on Bing. It felt like the right thing to do.
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Doctor Bing was born in Germany, came to the United States at the behest of ... Charles Lindbergh in the early 1930's

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Ba da...
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He has something named after him.

Dr. Bing, what an honor it is to meet you! I love your search engine!
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That was indeed a fantastic single word - and I love the impish grin he gave right after he said it. What a man!
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