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So how’s Blackwater Xe doing these days? You could say “Birds of a feather flock together”. Jeremy Scahill explains (via The Nation). Watch out for Total Intelligence. Is the circle between Big Business and the Military Industrial Complex now complete? (hat tip).
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So you're saying there used to be a gap between big business and the military-industrial complex?
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Sort of reminds me of "Omni Consumer Products" from RoboCop.
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Total Intelligence, not to be confused with...
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Too big to boycott is even worse than too big to fail. What do you do with big biz like Monsanto when it doesn't matter how bad a company's reputation gets?
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If a company is too big then you break it up using anti-trust laws and sell off it's components to smaller entities.
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I don't think anyone is too big to fail. See what happened to the banks or what might happen to BP. What is insidious here is that you have a highly dubious intelligence and security contractor working for government and also for industry with absolutely no curtain between them. Xe has an interesting offshoot the Terrorism Research Center which supplies opinion to some of the worlds leading media.
Notice that Mr Prince has now domiciled himself in the UAE which has no extradition with the USA.
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Totally Terrifying. Got to be a Power and Control Addicts Anonymous these folks can attend.

Sentences that popped out of the article:

" Black also noted that Monsanto was concerned about animal rights activists and that they discussed how Blackwater "could have our person(s) actually join [activist] group(s) legally."
"Many four and five star hotel rooms and restaurants are live-monitored with both audio and video" by Chinese intelligence. He also said that computers, PDAs and other electronic devices left unattended in hotel rooms could be cloned. Cellphones using the Chinese networks, the analyst wrote, could have their microphones remotely activated, meaning they could operate as permanent listening devices. He concluded that Deutsche Bank reps should "bring no electronic equipment into China."
The Post's Jeff Stein cited two unnamed sources who say Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater, is hurrying to sell his company before he can go public with a book that takes aim at the Democratic Party. One of the sources told Stein that Prince and his friends "think this will destroy the Democratic Party in the elections."

Ugh. That Erik Prince is a malignant. I think he's a psychopath, finger-wagging to others.

And via that blog to another article:
On September 3 the New York Times reported that Blackwater had "created a web of more than 30 shell companies or subsidiaries in part to obtain millions of dollars in American government contracts after the security company came under intense criticism for reckless conduct in Iraq."

And why would a Muslim country allow this monster in as a resident, when he is rabidly anti-Muslim? He's openly using the country to harm Muslims. Wouldn't that put the UAE Muslim citizens into a bad light in other, Muslim, countries' eyes?

He "described his own enemies as Al-Qaeda, the Taliban and 'noisy leftists.'" He called critics of Blackwater "tapeworms."

Right on Susan Burke, the lawyer who has set this monster hightailing it. Whoo hoo!
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Good ponts nickyskye. Your He link was a previous FPP which had some interesting comments.
Jeremy Scahill has done some stirling work following this scumbag. He has also noted how US intelligence has been outsourced out of govenment and has become big business.
One of the "buyers" is JSOC of Stanley McChrystal fame of whom it was once said "No fuck-up shall go unrewarded" .
What is of concern is that which was considered modus normal under BushCo is happily continuing under the Democrats and most people happily go along with it.
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