Dinner with Henry Miller
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This 30-min clip showing Henry Miller eating dinner in 1979, "regaling the camera with his powers as a raconteur," is probably NSFW, don't you know. Via Ubu.
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He talks a lot about his friend Blaise Cendrars (1887-1961), who I had never heard of before.
posted by stbalbach at 9:21 AM on September 17, 2010

Thank you for this. I've been picking at the "Best of Henry Miller" and now I have a voice to go with the words.
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Wow after looking at his Wikpedia picture I'd love to see JK Simmons play him in a biopic
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Pretty much all of ubuweb is a total win, but this is an especially good find! Thanks!

I miss seeing Beckett when going to ubuweb, however. Hottest old man ever.
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"Editing is my bĂȘte noire, ya know?" Awesome.

And thanks for the ubu discovery. I love the banner photo, which is, I believe, the frame just before the razor blade.
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That is just great. Henry Miller looks like a penis, but not a dick. Which is fitting.
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I just watched REDS recently and he is one of the interviewees Beatty used.
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What a treat! Love this video.
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Beckett is still the banner on the main page.
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