Why is income inequality growing?
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Over at Slate magazine, Timothy Noah is doing a multi-part examination of America's growing income gap. The Great Divergence.
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Great series, lots of links and ideas.
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I've printed this out and started reading it. First impression: the middle class is in decline. Shit, that's me...

This has been really thought provoking so far!
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You beat me to the post. Great set of articles.
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I started Googling as I read these articles, and I found another great Slate article about American tax rates: Debunking the claim that higher income-tax rates reduce GDP

The graphic is perfect, because you can see the complete lack of correlation between marginal tax rate and GDP growth. The marginal tax rate has swung from around 90% to around 35%, yet there's no correlation with GPD change.
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This is great! It turns out the income disparity is NOT because the Republicans are so much more generous to the rich than are Democrats. No, it's even more diabolical than that. It's because the Republicans are so much more stingy to the non-rich. Who'd have guessed?
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Because it's all about creating a neofeudal society in which the majority of people exist simply to work to increase the wealth and glory of a few.

Where's my check, Slate?
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