August 22, 2001
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Chaka Khan, Chaka Khan, let me rock you Chaka Khan... Chaka Khan is still alive and all she wants to do is sell you chocolates [via popbiznatch].
posted by mathowie (6 comments total)
I especially like the 'very nice photo layout' alt tag.
posted by jessie at 5:51 PM on August 22, 2001

No, no...that's chakalates.
posted by Mark at 5:59 PM on August 22, 2001

yeah, that's an amazing alt tag. i'm glad they've got alt tags on the graphic text too, because it's jpeg artifacted beyond recognition.
posted by chrisege at 6:10 PM on August 22, 2001

So the little furry guy from Land of the Lost sells chocolates now? I guess those Sleestacks move slow enough to provide a window for cottage ecommerce. wait...oh, the "I feel for you" woman, nevermind...
posted by machaus at 6:48 PM on August 22, 2001

In metropolis
did chaka khan
a stately shopping mall decree.
posted by clavdivs at 6:51 PM on August 22, 2001

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