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Continuing his track record [MeFi previously links] of using online distribution for his albums, Trent Reznor offers a five-song sampler of the soundtrack he created with Atticus Ross for The Social Network for free download online. (Well, really for the small "price" of your email address.)

Other formats will also be available, including a $2.99 download of the entire project from Amazon (for a limited time starting 9/28). Also CD, High Definition blu-ray audio (including 5.1 surround), and vinyl are offered.
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He does not spam you, though. In fact, any mailings are quite infrequent.
posted by nrobertson at 11:00 AM on September 18, 2010

Yes. I've never gotten extra emails from any of my Reznor / NIN signups for albums. None at all.
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Though it has nothing to do with the soundtrack, this week's New Yorker has a pretty good piece, The Face of Facebook.
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I've not really been blown away by his recent NIN efforts, but the How To Destroy Angels stuff was pretty cool, so I'll give it a try.
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I've only listened in once, it felt like Ghosts V (which is not necessarily a bad thing).
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Trent Reznor is welcome to my email address.
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I want to friend you like an animal
I want to poke you from the inside
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Trent Reznor is welcome to the secondary email address I use for porn and other crap.
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BTW the trailer featuring Scala & Kolacny Brothers' cover of Radiohead's Creep inspired a trailer for the Twitter Movie with music from the Gregory Brothers.
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I've never gotten extra emails from any of my Reznor / NIN signups for albums. None at all.

Huh. I have. Not too many though. I have 12 e-mails from NIN. Five of those were music download links I specifically requested.
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Excellent!! I love his music, and enjoyed his recent collaboration with others on How To Destroy Angels... email message sent, listening to the first track now.
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I really loved Ghosts, and haven't really liked much of the other recent work. Year Zero just wasn't a good listen... The angsty yelling is wearing thin (though Broken and the Downward Spiral completely hold up with time), but his musical sense has really developed. I would be totally happy to listen to as many instrumental NIN releases as Trent can muster...
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You know, I wish I like Reznor's stuff more, because I'd love to continue to support his work outside of the Big Label System.

But, my hardcore clubbing days to NiN are well and truly over. Those were fun days, though.

Then again, if I was truly open-minded, I'd give his most recent stuff a listen. When he first jettisoned the label a few years back I downloaded the Garage Band mix he released, but it didn't really do it for me.

But now I'm a parent and old and set in my ways, so he can just get off my lawn, I guess.
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clvrmnky: This soundtrack is very non-NINish, instrumental stuff. Why not grab the 5 tracks he's offering for free and give a listen? I've been through it about 5 times now, and I like it more with each listen.
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I don't know when orchestrated music became Nine Inch Nails, but I approve of these developments.
Actually, Reznor or no Reznor, Inception was a superior NIN soundtrack than this. BWAAUUUUMMM! Yes, 50% of my comments on MetaFilter are now references to NIN. It's sad really. I've run out of interesting and diverse things to talk about. Maybe I should learn to play the harmonica or something. Then all my comments can be about harmonicas, and I can be that guy that always talks about harmonicas, and says interesting things about harmonicas. "Hey it's a harmonica thread, I hope dgaicun shows up and tells us another fascinating harmonica fact." Specialize. Make a place for myself here. A name. A niche if you will. Is it just me or is this comment really small....
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Got the download, will listen to it tomorrow. But what I really want is for someone to sell me the download of that cover of Creep, which is awesome.
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Also I can't watch this movie because... and this is only the most important of several reasons... because it has that slightly more masculine inferior brand version of Michael Cera from Zombieland.

Sorry, but like Highlander, there can only be one Cera. This Scottish katana blade of disinterest will decapitate your ticket revenue, and Cera shall rise up as the one true immortal of awkward, androgynous indie adolescence.
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That "Face of Facebook" interview is terrifying.
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So... I gave these tracks a listen, and found them kind of boring, TBH. He's no Clint Mansell. When is he going to do more How to Destroy Angels? That was fun.
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I got the full album today from Amazon MP3 store for $2.99. It has a nice flow to it, certainly feels more "of a piece" than any of the 4 Ghosts albums. I need to listen to it again a few times in its entirety, but there is subtle use of motif and stuff that I picked up on the first time that I'm interested in exploring. (Of course, I've known that Reznor was fond of using repeated motifs since The Fragile, which is resplendent with them. Nearly Pynchonesque, that album is.)

As for when is he doing more HTDA? Listen to that interview I linked above. He makes some mention of it in there.
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Listening is hard!
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