Northern lights online
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AuroraMax will be providing live images of Canada's northern lights, courtesy of the Canadian Space Agency. It all begins tonight at about 11:30 EDT.
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Thank you for posting this!
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Cool! The Internet is a great place for seeing astronomical phenomena that are only visible in far away places. This one is closer than most, but it might as well be on the other side of the globe for city folk, with all the light pollution. It's nice of the Space Agency and its partners to bring the northern lights closer to everyone.

But seeing something on a screen is nothing like watching it with your own two eyes in situ. The aurora borealis can be incredibly beautiful when it sneaks up on you unexpectedly, on a cold winter night. You're busy doing something else, happen to look up, and surprise! The horizon is covered in green curtains of light.
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Awesome! I always seem to find out about these things the day after. Thank you for sharing!
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Aw, Yellowknife. I like that town. Apparently it gets quite the influx of Japanese tourists who hope to conceive under the Northern Lights as part of some sort of fortune superstition. At least, that was the explanation I received for the Japanese-speaking hotel clerk, and all the hotel rules in kanji...

Mrs. B will really appreciate this (she's never seen them, so live broadcast is for her the closest yet...). Thanks.
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Oh yay, thank you so much for this bliss.
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Also, while the music is pleasant and calming, I need something to match the intensity of just having broken through an ore cube into some sprawling, black abyss of caverns...

"The Keep" Soundtrack by Tangerine Dream. Definitely.
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ARGH. Well, it had to be my time eventually. Sorry.
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I wish it was a higher resolution (and not round) picture, but you can't have it all. It's still neat.
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APOD for September 17
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Nooooooo! These are Canadian secrets, not for public consumption! Then they'll know where we get our superpowers...
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