Please come to Boston (she said no)
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Music Hack Day heads back to Boston October 16 and 17. Music Hack Day is a free-to-attend 24-hour convergence over two calendar days designed to throw together programmers, musicians, artists, conceptualizers, and, of course, marketers and promoters. "Music + software + hardware + art + the web. Anything goes as long as it's music related." Music Hack Day London just ended (September 4, 5). My favorite (and the MHD-London winner!) was Speakatron, which is WebCam + Software = Goofy Fun! (related, previously)

Most of the hacks seem to be oriented toward mods of commercial apps. Future of Music is an inverse of iTunes "Genius" app designed to ferret out music you shouldn't listen to anymore and then removes them from your library & hard drive. Past & present hacks allow you to play around using your iPhone or Android.

I'm not able to attend MHD Boston, but I would go if I could to see Noah Vawter there. Vawter's latest hacks have been creating (self) exertion powered DSP instruments so you can take them camping!
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Yes, of course this has to happen while I'm away.
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exertion powered DSP instruments

Very cool. That is so fun, it sounds like a renaissance space cantina saltarello.
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I attended mhd last year in Berlin and it was I will never forget. Really fantastic.
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excellent to see a MHD on metafilter. I am obviously a big fan and it would be a series of perpetually ridiculous self links if I tried to describe more.

It's only been a little over a year of them, and the things I've seen, having been involved in almost every one, have really given me hope for the "future of music" beyond that jokey title I put on that aforelinked hack.

if you're anywhere near boston, definitely show up. there are some awesome workshops yet announced and even if you don't do those the community and good times are unparalleled. and even if not you will probably end up in my garden at 3am on a sunday, so it's a win any way you look at it.
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