Gillian Hills
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When Gillian Hills was discovered in 1958 by Roger Vadim, she was touted as being the next Bridgett Bardot. She went on to star in such films as Antonioni's Blow Up and the British rock and roll film Beat Girl, and even had a small part as Sonietta, the girl with the lollypop in A Clockwork Orange. But it is her early '60s French pop records which fascinate me. Here with Qui a su, Rien n'est changé, Rentre Sans Moi, Look at Them and Tomorrow Is Another Day .
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I'm not sure what she's singing, but this "Ma Premiere cigarrete" clip almost makes me want to take up smoking.
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Reminds me of Claudine Longet
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It's a beautiful spring morning where I am - blue sky, bright red geraniums, ibises eating snails on the back lawn and wattle birds picking at my washing line for nesting material. I'm sitting on the porch next to the frangipanis and the citronella plants, pouring coffee from my pyrex percolator and eating freshly made croissants that I just picked up from the bakery. And, as an accompaniment, that.. that was just perfect! Thank you.
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Reminds me of Claudine Longet

Ouch! If we're going back to old time French chanteusies, can we at least go to Francoise Hardy?
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I hadn't heard of yé-yé. Thanks for the education! And Ahab, I am very jealous!
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Love her and LOVE yeye! Tut Tut Tut Tut .. AND with Serge Gainsbourg - Une Petite Tasse d'Anxiété

Some of my favorites:
Cosette - Les Cheveux dans les Yeux
Françoise Hardy - Tous Les Garçons et Les Filles

I can't help it: my favorite is the gorgeous Anna Karina - Ne Dis Rien (with Serge Gainsbourg); Roller Girl; Le Soleil Exactement; and La Noyée (though I actually prefer Gainsbourg's own version or even the Carla Bruni version over Anna's)
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puny human, all you had to say was "The girl with the lollipop in Clockwork Orange"... These are typical of great middle-range songs of their era, and it's really too bad that have those insipid French studio arrangements. I'd like to have them all translated into English and sung by Lulu or some ballsier American chick.
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