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Feign is a flash maze game by Ian Snyder with music by Brother Android. It is set in a kind of funky Escher-like space. (windows only bonus: Hazard: The Journey of Life by Alexander Bruce)
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I feel ill...
posted by disillusioned at 12:04 PM on September 22, 2010

How do I craft a pickaxe?
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Yep, not a lot makes me feel nauseous but that sure did.
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Like a sci-fi obsessed teenage male libido, I'm stuck on Seven of Nine.
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I'm in a place where everything is dark and no amount of going any direction does anything. Art imitates life.
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I got number eight but I can't find the last one. I'm stuck in a room shaped like a big "U" (or maybe a "C"). I can't find any exits except for the entrance. At a certain point on one of the walls there's an almost imperceptible shear in its top and bottom edges, like there might be something hidden there... but I can't get through it. Not sure what else to try.

Cool game though, with some really mind-wrenching design.
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And... I solved it. The entire game is a trick. I won't spoil anything, other than to say that I was on completely the wrong path before, and had to restart the game to complete it.
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Like BrotherCaine, I can't get passed the Voyager catsuit. I'll take The Winsome Parker Lewis' advice and try and think "outside the box".

I really like the use of recursive space. I almost breaks your brain (at least mine) when you go into one of the small box rooms and then start traveling down what seem like infinite hallways. In fact they could be infinite hallways if the author wanted.

If someone could figure out how to do this in real life, that would be dandy. But if such a thing were to come to pass, what would happen to the annual Apartment Therapy contest?
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That was pretty cool. I got stuck and closed it in frustration a couple of times, but as long as you don't get lost in the void it eventually reveals itself.
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This is beautiful. I'd love to see the source.
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I found this game made by him and had more fun.
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Interesting idea for a puzzle and I like how abstract it was, but finding the ninth body wasn't very fun.
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Yeah, body number nine sucked. But now I'll be able to find my way around R'lyeh, so that's a win I guess.
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Don't end up like Chris Lackey! *

* Obscure Lovecraftian Podcasting joke.
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Oh, a maze game? Well, I'm not the best at those, but as long as I've got a pencil and paper, I should be okay. Doesn't look very big, though. Just this corner, and--


...That's not fair.
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Ah, now I see what he did there.

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Where's the damn portal gun?
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Yay alien geometries!

Now where's cthulhu?
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I found a secret room but there wasn't any ammo there.
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I'm glad to hear it's not just me.

After an hour of this, I felt terrible. I've probably logged thousands of hours playing FPSs, but I've never gotten motion sickness. I didn't even connect it to the game at first; I honestly thought I might have had food poisoning from dinner.

I think it's the static wallpaper background that throws you.
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Man, I suck at games like this. I think there's something wrong my the space-perception centers in my brain...
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Dear god, can someone finally make a walkthrough for this that isn't full of vague "hints" that only throw you further off track?
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I also got number 8 but am stuck at that point. Augh!
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