August 23, 2001
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Oops, I guess we missed Elvis' return (and so did everyone else). This guy claims to have met the ghost of Elvis, and that 'The King' wrote songs for him from the grave. Need a bigger laugh? Then check out the audio clips on the home page.
"Ladies and Gentlemen, Elvis has most definitely left this universe!"
posted by Sal Amander (6 comments total)
I found love in a K-Mart Store.

Such a classic Elvis song title...
posted by SweetJesus at 1:02 PM on August 23, 2001

Hee hee. I like the line about Willie Nelson and the McClendon triplets.
posted by Marquis at 1:04 PM on August 23, 2001

Best part: “I thought for sure my friends were playing a practical joke on me,” said the self-effacing musician. “Then I got close to what appeared to be a talking white cloud. It emanated an other-worldly power. My friends are clever, but not that clever."
posted by ColdChef at 1:57 PM on August 23, 2001

Elvis is dead?!?!
posted by swell at 2:18 PM on August 23, 2001

My favorite Kirsty McColl song: There's a Guy Works Down the Chip Shop...
posted by Option1 at 2:22 AM on August 24, 2001

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! My ears hurt!
posted by hockeyman at 9:31 PM on August 25, 2001

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