Scary story about how the MPAA wields it's bought and paid-for DMCA.
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What the story didn't mention: while the humanoids were out, the computer became bored with it's sedate existence and wanted to see "Tron" and dream of better days.
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I'm all for dismantling the DMCA and undercutting the MPAA's purchased power, but I am also suspicious that the author's only defense was, We couldn't have done it; we were watching fireworks.

Does that mean they couldn't have done it at that moment, or that they wouldn't have done it, ever? Does the couple maybe actually tend to do that sort of thing, but this once, when not actually guilty, they are accused? Is it possible that somebody got their "GMT -5" math screwed up and they weren't watching fireworks, but were, in fact uploading movies to Usenet?
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Hardly a scary story -- the MPAA thought a particular IP was distributing copyrighted movies, asked the ISP to shut them down -- the ISP did; a bit rudely, yes, they should have contacted those "accused", but they had their connection back up in 48 hours -- hardly the terrible ordeal the author makes it out to be. It's not like they got their door kicked in, or their computer taken, etc, etc -- these are the folks I reserve pity for. And no matter how entitled you think you are to your Internet access, an ISP need not necessarily follow some kind of habeus corpus standard.

there's an easy solution: switch ISPs. take your business somewhere that doesn't cave to "authorities." simple.
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there's an easy solution: switch ISPs. take your business somewhere that doesn't cave to "authorities." simple.

Good luck finding one.
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The usenet has been somewhat of a haven for pedophiles for years now and not much has been done about it. Now kids are uploading movies and people are getting their connection pulled almost immediately. In all fairness I have known of people getting busted for uploading kiddie porn, but they had gigabytes upon gigabytes.
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its, not it's
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Oh for chrissake - not the pedophile argument.

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