Flash Gordon
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It's hard to explain why this video of an anonymous family at Christmas set to Baxendale's song Flash Gordon works so well for me, other than to say that it just makes me happy. Maybe it will make you happy too? (also featuring Cheech and Chong, Tony Bennet, and dancing Darth Vaders)
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Awwww, that little girl at the end makes me die from cute. <3
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You got a problem with Joe? :)
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The account profile on YouTube includes this note -
Generally I take my favorite songs and put events of my life, family, and friends to them.

I'm a cancer survivor, I dedicated the rest of my life to recording everything that happens throughout my life. My kids will get to see their whole life growing up basically. I invite you to subscribe and watch just an average American family growing up.
I watched a few more of his videos, they're all sweet - good photography, cute kids. Looks like several have been pulled due to copyright complaints based on the music tracks, which is sad.
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That really does suck. Also for me to be drinking and saying it sucks means it really does suck because when I'm enebriated things that suck don't suck to me. But this blows, both posts and especially that horrible video with horrible music and lyrics. Oh god this blows chunks.
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